Send SMS from Excel

Send SMS directly from your list in Excel (Windows)

No need to login to our platform to send SMS. Send directly from your spreadsheet. SMS Express Excel Add-In software for Office 2016+ is installed into Excel (Windows) as an add-in. It is ideal for smaller broadcasts.

You'll need:

  • Windows PC (does not work on Mac)
  • Minimum Excel 2016
  • Internet connection
  • An SMS Express account with credits.
    No account? Create one now

Download & Install SMS Express Excel Add-In For Windows

Which version? On your PC go to: Settings > System > About > Device Specifications: System Type (it will show 32 or 64 bit)

Last update: 13 May 2019. IMPORTANT: If you're updating to this latest version, make sure you completely UNINSTALL the older version. Do this via your Windows Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall A Program on your PC. Sing out if you need help.

TIP: Download software to your computer's C Drive (eg Desktop or Downloads), not an external drive like Drive.
After download, doubleclick the SMSExpressSetup Installer to run, and it will install itself into Excel Add-Ins tab.

Help & Instructions

Please download the PDF User Guide or view the video overview for step-by-step instructions on how to use the SMS From Excel software.

NOTE: If you schedule SMS for a future data within the software, you cannot cancel it.

Download PDF User Guide
View Video
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