Email to SMS

Use Outlook to send SMS from your PC.

Send your SMS directly from Outlook using your SMS Express account as a "gateway" enabling you to send text messages to phones and drawing credits from your SMS Express online account.

If you plan to do large broadcasts, the online platform is better...but you can have the best of both worlds by using Email to SMS for everyday communication, then use the online platform for big SMS broadcasts (e.g. to all staff or customers).

Handy for appointment reminders!

  • Replies can come back to your email inbox, streamlining communications
  • Note that you cannot use your email signature or stationery with SMS. It's a good idea to test any SMS from email first.

send sms from email

How it works

  • Your Username and Password are used in the subject line, plus our special system email address suffix to send an SMS (see example screenshot)
  • If you are having issues or need a hand, call Kerryn on 1300 668 287 or 0418 384 394 and she'd be delighted to assist you.

Please download the PDF User Guide for step-by-step instructions on how to setup your email for sending SMS from Outlook.

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