Managed Services - SMS Campaigns

Let us take care of your SMS campaign!

A great solution for one-off or irregular campaigns where you don't need an account, and want us to manage your SMS campaign for you.

We can assist you with:

  • SMS broadcasts to your database of customers
  • Setting up a mobile website or landing page
  • SMS campaign tracking setup: how any clicks your text messages received
  • Promoting your video, images or website using SMS
  • Setting up mobile data capture forms or landing pages to get a spam-compliant database.
  • Working in with your current direct marketing campaigns (e.g. direct mail, email) to promote participation and increase sales
  • SMS Surveys, SMS voting, SMS Polling, plus SMS 'keyword' campaigns where recipients text back a word and responses are collated by keywords, and reported back to you.
  • Using SMS as a data capture tool, and results collated into Excel

Please contact our manager Kerryn on 1300 668 287 or, and have a confidential chat about your ideas and goals.

sms customers to promote sales