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So how does this SMS Express thing work?

You can send SMS from your computer. Just login and send single or bulk SMS from our text messaging platform. It's as easy as that.

The benefits of using our "cloud" SMS service:

  • You are not tied to your "main computer" because our platform is accessible via a browser (Internet Explorer, Edge, Safari, Chrome, Firefox..) on any device.
  • If you have internet connection, you can literally access our platform and send SMS from anywhere in the world.
  • Our platform also has a module which automatically sends Birthday messages, and can be used for annual reminders too.
  • You can also get Replies in your online account, plus have these forwarded to your email address free.

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text messages from your ipad

SMS is a powerful communications tool that gets fast responses

Instead of spending hours on the phone calling people, send a bulk text message from our business-grade platform IN SECONDS, saving you time, money and tedium!

Send From Your PC or iPad.

Send SMS from anywhere you have an internet connection

Fast Responses

Did you know most people read and respond to a text message within 3 minutes? You'll be surprised at how quick your people respond when you send them an SMS, compared with email.

Send & Receive Single or Multiple SMS Messages

SMS Express' online text messaging service is your solution for contacting your people on the device they probably have in their hands right NOW...their mobile phone!

With SMS Express you can:

  • Broadcast your message to 1 or 1000s
  • View live Delivery Reports
  • Get Replies
  • Have Replies forwarded to your email (free)
  • Create SMS Templates to save time typing
  • Use the Birthday/Anniversary Module to automatically send annual SMS

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So, what type of organisations use SMS Express?

Large & small businesses - Retailers with VIP clients - Event Managers - Market Research - Schools - Churches - Kindergartens - Sporting Clubs - Emergency Services - Mining Companies - Public Relations Firms - Marketing Managers - Casual Labour Hire - Charities - Radio and TV Stations - DJ's and Bands - Hire and Rental Companies - Finance Companies - Energy Companies - Social Clubs - Meetings and Events - IT Managers - Delivery and Logistics Companies - Loyalty Club Managers - Government Departments and Agencies - Accountants - Politicians - Nightclubs and Pubs - Hairdressers - Doctors and Allied Health Services - Private citizens...

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