SMS Messaging Ideas

Text Messaging Ideas

Did you know over 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes?

SMS Express Online Business Text Messaging Service is the perfect solution for contacting your people on that small device they probably have in their hands right now...their mobile phone!

The SMS Express platform is "in the cloud". You can run your SMS marketing campaigns via your PC, tablet or smartphone from your office, favourite cafe, beach.. anywhere with an internet connection.

You login via a browser, so you're not held captive to one person or one computer to do your SMS marketing. You can also use SMS Express via Outlook or Gmail and have emails and SMS from the same program.

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sms marketing ideas

Here are some cracking SMS messaging ideas..

SMS is treated with urgency and usually read and responded to within minutes.
And we always carry our mobile phones. This is why SMS messaging is so powerful.

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