SMS Express + HirePOS

How To Use HirePOS to send SMS

SMS Express has worked with HirePOS for many years providing the behind-the-scenes SMS messaging service which enables you to send text messages to your customers directly from your HirePOS account.

To make your HirePOS and SMS Express accounts work together for sending text messages, you need to quickly create API Keys in your SMS Express account, then copy and paste them into your HirePOS account's SMS Settings...that's pretty much it!

Don't be put off by technospeak...API Keys are just a fancy name for a Username and Password, also called your credentials!

It really is very easy to do, and will take you about 6 minutes. And you only need to set it up once on SMS Express, then go back to HirePOS. The only reason you'll need to visit us again is to purchase SMS credits.

Please DOWNLOAD THIS 4-STEP GUIDE and get texting your customers from HirePOS in minutes!

In order for HirePOS to send SMS, you will need:

  • SMS Express account
  • SMS credits - We offer 50 free credits to all new HirePOS customers.

Create your free SMS Express account now

send sms from HirePOS

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HirePOS® is the cutting-edge cloud-based solution that has been empowering hire rental businesses since 2005. HirePOS® offers comprehensive assistance with every aspect of your hire rental operations. Generate accurate quotes, streamline bookings and invoices, and gain real-time insights into hire item availability and stock levels. Also automatic time-based pricing calculations, simplified reordering processes, and a comprehensive suite of tools INCLUDING SENDING SMS TO YOUR CLIENTS for notifications, reminders and marketing.


We have loved watching Shayne and the team grow HirePOS over the last decade into a fantastic online platform, and their customer service, tech support, dedication to building great Aussie software, and their exhaustive work ethic aligns with our values, and we HIGHLY recommend HirePOS for any Australian and New Zealand hire business.