SMS PAYG Price & Services

Our pricing is very simple.

You only pay for SMS.
All other features are completely free.

Price Per Credit:

7.7c +gst

  • No contracts. No hidden fees. No setup charges.
  • Minimum order is only 20 credits.
  • Direct business-grade connections to all Aussie telcos.
  • Secure, reliable SMS platform with 99% uptime.
  • Longer messages supported (up to 459 characters).
  • 100% Aussie-owned company.
  • Friendly & competent LOCAL support.
  • Corporate postpaid accounts also available.
  • ...scroll down to view more free features...


We'll pop 10 free credits into your account. Our service covers Australia and New Zealand

Quick FAQ's

How long does SMS take to send?
Usually a few seconds.
Can I make SMS appear to come from my business name or my mobile number?
Yes. This is called a custom sender ID and you can use up to 11 characters. To thwart scammers, all Aus Sender IDs must now be registered, which we will do for you. If you want to use a custom SID please contact us after you create your account. (NOTE custom SIDs are not allowed in New Zealand)
What is a "credit"?

Credits are the 'currency' of SMS messaging. 1 credit buys a single text message up to 160 characters. This is also called a 'standard SMS' or a 'part'.

On SMS Express you can send up to 459 characters, which equals 3 standard SMS', or 3 parts, with each part costing 1 credit.

Here's a breakdown for you:

  • 1 message up to 160 characters in length (1 standard SMS/1 part) costs 1 credit.
  • 1 message up to 306 characters in length (2 standard SMS / 2 parts) costs 2 credits.
  • 1 message up to 459 characters in length (3 standard SMS / 3 parts) costs 3 credits.

Price example: Send 1 standard SMS (160 characters) to:

  • 1 person = 8.5c inc gst
  • 10 people = 85c inc gst
  • 100 people = $8.50 inc gst
  • 1000 people = $85 inc gst...etc

The Message box in your SMS Express account has a character/parts counter.

TIP: If your budget is tight, keep your message to maximum 160 characters/1 part, as that only costs 1 credit (per recipient).

FYI: So why are texts billed in 160 character parts? In Ye Olde Days, the length of a text message was limited to 160 characters but with better technology, longer JOINED messages are now the norm, but telcos still bill us in 'parts'!

How do I buy Credits?

After you login, you'll see the BUY NOW button at the top of the page. Simply follow the prompts to buy credits either via providers PayPal or Stripe. We accept all major credit cards, and credits go straight into your account.

Prefer to speak with a human to pay? No problem! Call us on 1300 668 287 and pay via card over the phone.

You can also pay via EFT bank transfer, although this is slow as your funds have to arrive in our account first.

Corporate accounts (post-paid) are also welcome. To apply, simply contact Kerryn on 1300 668 287 for an application form.

I have a lot of contacts. What do I do?

Quickest way is to have your contacts in a spreadsheet with the mobile numbers in the first column. Login to your SMS Express account, click Contacts, then Import and follow the prompts. It's easy to do.

And don't worry if the numbers don't have a 0 at the start, as it's not necessary. The platform will format them for you upon import. There's help on every screen within your account (look for the info or ? icons). But if you get stuck, we're happy to help you.

Some of our clients include...

You've become our standard in customer service, the benchmark we'll have to measure our performance against. Impressive. Well done. Feel free to use this as a testimonial.

These guys have been nothing short of helpful and extremely responsive to any questions. The customer service and support is pretty exceptional. Thanks for making my job a hell of a lot easier with the service you provide.

The system is so easy to use. We don’t have separate cost centres and we really only send 4 different texts – and your system is so user friendly that I have these set up as templates.

Come and join us. We'd LOVE to help your business grow!

Your free features...

Free Landing Page Creator

Now you can add images and video into your messages AND track the clicks!

Replies are free

We do not charge you for inbound SMS to your account. Also have replies forwarded to your email address FREE

Birthday/Annual SMS

Who doesn't like a birthday wish? Ready to go in your account. Just add your message and people!

Message Scheduling

Send SMS now, drip feed across a few hours, or schedule for a date in the future.

Personalisation options

Up to 6 optional "merge" fields for personalisation. Many clients use 1 field for a cheery greeting: "Hi Jane"

Automated optout removal

Recipients can either reply STOP or tap a hyperlink to add themselves to your 'blacklist".

Unlimited sub-accounts

Their own logins. You have "master control" over credits & option to pre-approve broadcasts.

Reply Control

Replies can also be "routed" to different numbers or emails based on "keywords" or "rules" you specify using the Flow Builder.

Live reports

View and/or download delivery reports anytime. Other reports too, like Number Lookup reports

Custom Sender ID

Option to change the default sender (caller ID) from our number to instead show the SMS coming "from" your business name or number.

Free URL Shortener

If you want to include a link in your text, but have a long URL/web address, this will shorten it & save space. And you can view STATS on how many people tapped your link!

SMS templates

Save time typing the same message. Create and store SMS Templates that you can use on the fly when sending SMS.

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