About SMS Express

We offer you quick friendly service, honest advice, 20+ years of industry experience, and a reliable business-grade bulk SMS platform

SMS Express staff have been in the game for over 15 years, with an extensive knowledge of SMS Marketing.

We're not the "biggest" SMS company in Australia (whatever that means), and have absolutely no desire to wear that crown. Just like most of our customers, we're a small Australian business too..and that means we can offer you local support where you speak directly with our manager, not buried in a "support ticket" system.

We can assist you with queries about, for example, Excel spreadsheets, how to "write for text", the Spam Act, and of course technical support.

And if you need urgent help, we answer your call right here in Australia, and not divert you to Upper Cumbucta West!

The SMS Express business text messaging platform is used & trusted by over 1000 Aussie & New Zealand organisations. Some of our clients are government departments, sports & social clubs, retail, mining, hiring services, energy companies, accountants, churches, schools, kindergartens, big and small businesses, and private citizens....and we'd love to have you onboard too.

The SMS Express team is headed by Kerryn Marlow, a former radio broadcaster who decided to try her hand at a different type of communication...SMS! Radio is a personal medium, but you couldn't get any more personal than SMS.

Around 2000, Kerryn started SMS Response Australia which, among other things, developed a product that allowed you to text your email address to a number and get an email reply. This was eventually superceded, and the decision was made to focus on text messaging. SMS Response Australia Pty Ltd acquired SMS Express in May 2012 (SMS Express started in 2008). SMS Response has also developed mobile apps and SMS software.

Despite the vast and confusing array of messaging apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram etc, good old SMS can reach pretty much ANY phone. That is why we love the SMS industry...it's a simple and effective way to stay in touch with customers and members.

Kerryn and the core management team operate from Prahran, Victoria, Australia (teaspoon's throw from the infamous Chapel Street but without the fluffy hipster beard and cardigan. At least not on Kerryn).

Our parent company is SMS Response (Aus) Pty Ltd ACN 105 586 534, which also operates: mediamgroup.com.au

SMS Express and smsexpress.com.au are registered business names. ABN 77 317 524 561

sms response australia

Kerryn personally supports, and would like to give a plug to the following charities:
Lort Smith Animal Hospital
Animals Australia
Humane Research Australia
Edgar's Mission
World Vision

So Why SMS Express?

  • SMS is cheap, but effective marketing. Why? Because people almost have their phone surgically attached to their bodies! This means you can contact them wherever they are right now.
  • Slash marketing costs by using SMS as a fast way to contact staff, customers, your client database, students, research participants, or club members. You can also send out automated birthday or anniversary & service reminders to staff, customers or family.
  • SMS messaging can get a text message out to your opt-in database quickly and efficiently...and let's face it...people usually READ a text message, whereas emails can sit there for days! People treat text messages with more urgency, and this makes SMS messaging very effective.
  • SMS Express offers you access to a secure, dependable, high capacity text messaging platform, with direct connections into Optus, Vodafone, and Telstra. SMS messaging can be a fabulous Customer Relationship Management tool, as it's a fast method of contacting your clients on their mobile phones.
  • The online SMS system is easy to use, and with internet access and a browser, you can run your SMS marketing campaign from anywhere...even from your iPad or SmartPhone! Many of our SMS messaging clients use our text messaging service to send from marketing software programs like HirePos. You can also send SMS using familiar programs such as Outlook, or your own system via our API if you prefer.
  • We are a business SMS service offering 7 day support. If you need urgent help, we will answer the phone right here in Australia, and not deflect you to an overseas call centre. CALL 1300 668 287

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