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Send SMS the EASY way.

From the comfort of your computer!

Use our online platform to send SMS

Login to our web portal. Create a Group, import your contacts, write your message, preview and SEND. Too easy! Take a quick tour

Prefer to send from Outlook?

Send single or bulk SMS from Outlook, and get replies right back into Outlook if you wish. Efficient! View more info

Or send directly from Excel.

We also have a free Excel (Windows) add-in. Send SMS and get replies within Excel. Check it out.

Automated Birthday & Annual SMS Reminders

The web portal also has a Birthday Module to automatically send annual SMS. More info

Have your own software or use HirePOS?

Use our free APIs as you wish. API info here.


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Any phone can receive a text message, making SMS effective and efficient.

Clients tell us: "It now takes me seconds rather than days to contact people". Quickly contact staff, members, students, parents, customers, delegates, fans, guests.. Stop no-shows & missed appointments!

Easy To Use

The web portal is quick & simple to use. Purchase credits directly from within your account for instant top-up. And there's NO minimum order nor setup fees.

Quick Upload Of Your Lists

Simply create a Group and import your list into your Group. Create & store as many Groups as you need.

Or create an account, buy credits, then instead of using the web portal, send from Outlook or Excel. The choice is yours. Use all of these options!

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bulk sms to your clients

SMS is SO much quicker.

Most text messages are read within minutes. SMS does NOT have a junk folder, plus ANY phone can receive a text message.

Nobody can resist the BEEP BEEP!

SMS Express text messaging service is perfect for business, tradies, schools, kindys, clubs, churches, charities, events, promotions, surveys..any time you need to contact people quickly.

Contact them on the device they have in their hands right now!

SMS is a very fast, powerful communications tool that gets instant responses. Don't spend hours calling people. Send a bulk SMS to all of your people at once within minutes, saving you time, money and tedium!

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