Free SMS Message Templates

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Many clients ask us for guidance on what to write in a text message, so we have created a few samples, along with some tips for you.


SMS Templates

Some examples to give you ideas..

Huge sale at XXXX. Show this SMS to the girls to get 15% off! But ends Sunday. See you soon at 21 High St Highville 2optout rply STOP

XXX Dance Party on 2nite from 8pm. Dress fancy and bring every1. Free entry B4 8pm if you flash your phone at the door. 2optout rply STOP

XXX meeting starts at Xpm tonight. Please reply YES if you're attending

Who do you think should lead the XXX? Reply RED for XX. BLUE for XX. Thanks! BigSurveys

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Greetings and thank you for becoming a valued member. To view more information about us click here

Hi, thank you for your message. Your input is valuable and one of our team will call you shortly

Dear XXX your car is ready for pickup after 2pm today We gave it a good wash and we hope you are happy with our service

Dear Customer XXXX, it seems your bill is quite overdue. Please call us now and make payment to avoid your service being disconnected. Thank you

A call out for anyone who can work the following shift:XXXXX . Please reply YES if you can attend

Happy Birthday! We hope you have a fabulous day and look forward to seeing you soon. Acme Company

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