Send People To Your Website Using SMS

Jazz up your SMS broadcasts and track the responses!

If you have products to sell or images to show, and you'd like to send people to your website, Facebook page, Instagram Page or Pinterest page from your SMS broadcast, the 2 examples below show how to include a URL (website address) in your SMS. And if you have a long URL, we show you how to shorten it, plus how to track how many people clicked the link from your SMS broadcast.

In the examples below we've used one of our company websites.

Example A: Simple URL in your text message example

Include your URL (web address) in your SMS so people can click through to your website. Your website stats should show a spike in traffic around the time you sent the SMS.

include url in your text message

Example B: Use a URL shortener that also tracks clicks

You can use a URL shortening service like Bitly or Google URL Shortener. They have the added bonus of TRACKING CLICKS. You can see how many people clicked the link in your SMS and went to your website. This example uses Google.

  1. Go to Google URL Shortener (google it!)
  2. Type or copy/paste your website address into the box, then click SHORTEN URL button. Click the short link to check it works
  3. Login to your SMS Express Account and type your text message
  4. Back to Google, copy the shortened URL then paste into your text message. Preview, then SEND (we advise sending a test SMS first)

include shortened url in your text message

We like Google URL Shortener because:

  1. It's free and easy to use
  2. It offers a secure link (https)
  3. Your recipients should recognise the domain
  4. You can use your Google account to store all of your shortened URLS
  5. Plus it has extras like Analytics Data to show you how many clicks.

    (PS:Google URL Shortener also creates a QR code version of your URL. If you have a QR code reader on your phone, snap the below QR code and see what happens! You can't send a QR code via SMS but you can use it in print or web ads so people can snap with their QR Code reader)

url shortener for sms -

On a related note, the SMS Express platform cannot send images (MMS). Even if it could, we highly recommend using SMS to push people through to a website so they have the choice of clicking through. Check this page out:

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