Send SMS From Your Own Number or Business Name

Customising the Sender ID

We offer you the option of customising the SenderID so you can send SMS "from" your own phone number or company name instead of one of our virtual numbers. Please read on for more details.

Send SMS From Your Own Number or Business Name

FYI: The SMS Express platform has 5 "virtual" mobile numbers (also called shared numbers). So when you send a text message, it will come "from" one of these 5 default numbers (the SenderID). These shared numbers allow your recipients to REPLY to your SMS.

This is the Repliable default setting.

But you can change the default Repliable setting by creating a custom SenderID, so any SMS you send will "come from" (for example) your mobile number or your company name.

However please note the following:

  • If you use a word SenderID (eg your biz name), you only have 11 characters.
  • Also, if you use a word SenderID, you cannot get replies. However we have an OPT-OUT URL that people can tap to optout if this is required (see screenshots below)
  • Some telcos may block SMS from a word. We offer no guarantees or refunds if you are blocked.
  • If you use your mobile number as the SenderID, replies will bypass the platform and come back to your phone.
  • Note that all SMS sent FROM the platform can be viewed in Sent/Queued where you can view live delivery reports.
  • You can create multiple SenderIDs and set one as the default. Plus you can change these on the fly.

send sms from my own name or number

So what next?

  • Simply create an account, login and create your SenderID in the SENDING section.

  • We offer all new customers 10 free test credits, and will add these in after we manually verify the account to ascertain it's a legitimate business, so thank you for your patience.

  • Please note we only operate in Australia and New Zealand.

Give SMS Express a whirl!

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