Send SMS From Your Own Number

Send SMS From Your Own Number Using Our Platform

By default, the SMS Express platform has 2 mobile numbers hard wired into the system. So when recipients get your SMS, it will come from one of our 2 numbers (also called Shared Numbers). These numbers are what recipients see as the Sender ID (similar to Caller ID). In your SMS Express account this is the Repliable default setting.

Also by default, if a recipient replies to your text message, it normally comes back into your online account's Replies Inbox, where you can view and reply if you wish to.

But you can change this default setting, so any SMS you send from the platform will "come from" your mobile number, and any replies come back directly to your handset, and bypass the platform.

We have many clients who use the SMS Express platform to send bulk SMS to their database, but the SMS "Sender ID" is their own phone number instead of our shared numbers.

Typical clients are Real Estate Agents, Financial Planners etc, who prefer the comfort of sending SMS from their computer and get replies back on their mobile number/phone.

The SMS Express online platform (and our smartphone app) allows you to customise your Sender ID and set this as the default. Or you can have multiple Sender IDs and choose on the fly. You can use a word (maximum 11 characters) or your own number.

Note that if you use a WORD Sender ID (e.g. "ACME CO"), people cannot reply to you, so if replies are important, then don't use a word Sender ID.

Note that all SMS sent from the platform, or via our smartphone app can be viewed in Sent/Queued where you can view live delivery reports. But if you CHANGE the Sender ID, replies do not come back into your online account. If you need help with this please call us: 1300 668 287

More info here: How to setup a Custom Sender ID

Simply create an account with us and test it for yourself.
Please note you must be an Australian or New Zealand organisation to use SMS Express. Our SMS service is not available in other countries.
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