SMS Express Smartphone App

Exclusive & Free for SMS Express Customers

Android only (iPhone version later in 2018)

If you have setup an online account with us already, and you'd prefer to use the Contacts stored on your Android smartphone, then we invite you to download and use our app. No need for uploading spreadsheets to a your whole marketing campaign from your smartphone and send from your company name!

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sms express smartphone appQuick steps to get started:

  1. NEW AUS & NZ CUSTOMERS: Create your online account. Click here (opens in a new window)

  2. Google Play to download app

  3. Open App, and login with your SMS Express Username and Password

  4. Need help? Call 1300 668 287 or email us:

  5. We also have a YouTube channel with a how-to video for SMS Express App For Android. Check it out. Click here.

Note: if you're a new customer we'll add 10 free credits in ASAP after you register.

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