Send Images Via SMS

Send pictures to your people the cheap and quick way...via SMS!

iPhones now preview images from SMS links!

You can now send a text message from the SMS Express platform containing a URL (website address) to people with iPhones with iOS10 installed.

The iPhone will show an image preview IN THE SMS. This is very exciting for you because now people can get a sneak peek at your wares right from your simple text message. Yes this only applies to iPhones at this stage, but the URL will still render as a clickable link in Android phones..but we're tipping Androids & Windows phones won't be far behind with this!

We did some testing on our freshly upgraded iPhone using the example of an excellent marketer,

Example using SMS Express, sending to an iPhone with iOS10

1: Type & send SMS. 2: View on iPhone 3: Click directly to the Kogan page on Safari browser

include url in your text message


  • IMPORTANT: For the Preview to work, the URL MUST be at the very end of the message, otherwise it just displays a normal URL
  • The URL must start with http:// or https://
  • You can only have 1 URL in the SMS
  • Your iPhone recipients have to click “Tap to Load Preview” to see the preview
  • This does not yet work for Android or Windows, but the URL will still show as a clickable link in these phones
  • If you link to a page with no images or a normal webpage, an iPhone will display your favicon or apple-touch-icon (easy to add this to your webpage header..ask us for help) sit in your
  • In the example above, we put a long URL in our SMS but iPhone has cleverly crunched it down to just display, but still allows us to click through to the specific product page..very clever! But test yours out before sending any SMS
  • You can use a URL shortener like GoogleURL Shortener (our favourite) and it will track the clicks. The URL will show as - see example below:

Example with our Facebook page and using Google URL Shortener

include shortened url in your text message

   And see our clicks showing up in Google URL Shortener

google url shortener

If you need some help with this, please call 1300 668 287 or email us.

Very exciting times ahead for all of us!

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