Send Images Via SMS

Send pictures to your people the cheap and quick way...via SMS!

SMS Express platform does not send images (MMS), but we have a much better, cheaper solution. SMS of course :). Send an SMS which includes a link (also called a URL or hyperlink) to a webpage where your image is hosted. This could be a link to a Facebook page, Instagram, Pintrest, or link directly to the image on your website, or a webpage.

Many phones nowadays are smart enough to preview images from a link in a text message (some iPhones certainly can). The advantages of using SMS to send an image to your people are: it's VASTLY cheaper for you, plus you give people the choice of whether to download your image or not. This is partcularly relevant if a recipient is on a pre-paid phone plan. Also some phones may not receive an image.

It's also easy to track how many people clicked the link in your SMS to view an image or webpage. (see also SMS to your website.)

Example using SMS Express, sending to an iPhone with iOS10

1: Type & send SMS. 2: View on iPhone 3: Click directly to the Kogan page on Safari browser

include url in your text message

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